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What is homecoming and why you should attend?
Homecoming is one of the school year' s biggest events and is a tradition in many high schools. Homecoming is one of the best times of the year. It' s a warm way to welcome back students and kick off the year with some fun activities. One of the best parts of Homecoming is the organized dance. The weather is just starting to cool off from a million degrees, you' re in the heart of Friday night lights, and you get to attend the first formal event of the school year! The homecoming dance is the perfect time to change up your typical prom look.
Choosing a dress is one of the most fun parts of this special event – you get to express your style and let loose before studying hard in the year to come.

What Homecoming Dress to wear for Homecoming?
You may be wondering – what kind of homecoming dress do you wear? What does a homecoming & party gown look like? When choosing a Homecoming dress, first check with your school and the event. Are there any themes or dress guidelines you' ll need to follow? Simply check to find out if its a low key dance(casual), or semi-formal. This will help you figure out the right kind of dress.
High school is a voyage of self-discovery and that includes finding your own fashion sense too. The vast scope of our short, mid-length and even long homecoming dresses offers everyone a clear path on that journey. You can find something to reflect your individuality.
From elegant florals to sparkling sequins, these designs range from the ultra pretty, to the super sexy. Your choice will depend on the mood you want to set and the activities planned for the day, too. Expressing your own personality is key to representing yourself at your school!
We' ve picked a mixture of silhouettes to suit a variety of body types. From form-fitting to fit and flare, there are options to flatter any shape. It' s all about selecting what suits you and makes you feel beautiful – and comfortable.
Ready to start getting excited for Homecoming? Check out these flawless pieces and get ahead of the style curve.

Lace Patchwork Pleated Party White Dress $21.39

Lace Patchwork Pleated Party White Dress

See Through Side Split Halter Dresses $20.18

See Through Side Split Halter Dresses

Floral Print Chiffon Bodycon Dresses $14.95

Floral Print Chiffon Bodycon Dresses

Embroidery Vintage Lace Dresses $20.99

Embroidery Vintage Lace Dresses black

Spaghetti Strap Backless Party Lace Dress $21.69

Spaghetti Strap Backless Party Lace Dress BLACK

Embroidery Vintage White Lace Dresses $20.99

Embroidery Vintage White Lace Dresses